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Pack House

A pack house plays an important part in the fresh produce export business. Sorting, grading and packing are done here. Our packing house measuring 25,000 sq. ft. has a capacity of packing 100 metric tonnes of fresh produce per day.

We sort and grade fruits and vegetables on the basis of multiple criteria like dimensions (diameter, length & shape), colour, quality, freshness, legal aspects (GI) and market value.

Pre-cooling Chamber

Most of the freshly harvested produce has to go through cold storages before being exported. Pre-cooling is the first step when a freshly harvested agri-product arrives at the cold storage. Pre-cooling helps in getting the desired temperature for the produce. E.g., for table grapes, the most suitable temperature is 0°C. Once the desired temperature is achieved, the produce is shifted to the main cold storage unit.

Cold Storage

The best temperature is selected for different types of fresh produce. A temperature that maintains the vitality and quality of the produce is chosen. Cold storage is used till the export consignment dates are confirmed. We have a generator set to provide auxiliary power in case of unplanned power outages.

Ripening Chambers

In today’s globalised markets, quality conscious consumers pay premium on fruit quality and colour. If the fruits are properly ripened and show a quality colour, it definitely grabs the eyes of the consumer and commands premium pricing. OGFPC has the most advanced ripening chambers for uniform ripening of fruits.

Using ripening chambers is the most popular way for uniform ripening of fruits. Our ripening chambers, automatically and uniformly control the temperature and humidity resulting in the best quality and freshness of the ripened fruits.

Quality Control

We follow globally acknowledged quality control processes for export-oriented fresh produce. We also undertake specific quality processes which clients demand and use themselves.  Our emphasis is on ensuring 100% export shipment acceptance and 0% rejection. With regular training and stringent in-house and third-party audits, we ensure that quality at every stage of the process right from sowing to harvesting to dispatch.


Once the consignment is scheduled for shipping, the fresh produce is loaded from the cold storage into a refrigerated container truck. We adhere to quality packing as it avoids proliferation and damage to the produce. The container is first set at the desired and most favourable temperature before it leaves the cold storage.