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Flow chart of essential operations of Grapes Export
Inspection at farm level/
Field Survey
Receipt at pack house
Trimming, Sorting & Grading
Packing area
Punnet Weighing
Box Packaging
Cold Storage
Types of Packing
Punnet Packing
Pouch Packing
Punnet Composite Packing (500gm)
Punnet Packing in box
Om Gayatri FPC Exoprt Team
Om Gayatri FPC Exoprt Team
  • Om Gayatri Nursery: The Best of Quality and Innovation
    Established in 2009 as a sole proprietorship firm, the nursery started on a small area not exceeding a few square yards. Today, the operation has grown to over 25 acres delivering hundreds to thousands of seedlings to many satisfied farmers. Since inception, Om Gayatri Nursery strove to be the best in quality supply and post-sale agronomic services.

    The initial unit started in Ugaon village [Niphad tehsil of Nashik district] and expanded to two more units at the nearby Pimplas and Khadak Malegaon villages. These two units, while independent, are managed from Ugaon. All our units are located within a periphery of less than ten kilometres allowing for better operational control. Each unit is equipped with the latest infrastructure and qualified and experienced professionals. 

    Our brand now reaches over 100,000 farmers across the five Indian states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.  

    Our stated aim is to reach out one million farmers with a holistic support system. We have been striving for new technologies, in-house and on field research and development and introduction of new varieties for continuous development. 

    Infrastructure and Technology

    • Scientifically erected polyhouses and shade nets to maintain required sunlight, temperature and humidity with insect nets to prevent insects’ entry.

    • Automated seed sowing using imported seed sowing machines.

    • Automated and regulated irrigation using boomers.

    • Nutrition to the saplings is given through drip irrigation network

    • Reverse-osmosis treated water for irrigation to maintain desired pH and electrical conductivity.

    • In-house manufacturing of seedling trays using semi-automatic machines.

    • Production and supply of grafted vegetable seedlings resilient to nematodes and diseases.  

    • Self-owned vehicles for last-mile order delivery and fulfilment at the farmers location.

    • Scientifically erected polyhouses and shade nets to maintain required sunlight, temperature and humidity with insect nets to prevent insects’ entry.

    Services & Outreach:

    • After-sales technical support to farmers through in-field agronomy advice

    • Range of agro-inputs available from Om Gayatri Agro Mall

    • Self-contained soil and water testing labs with fast turnaround time

    • Weather data service with pest and disease monitors and forecasts

  • Om Gayatri Farmer Producer Co. Ltd.: Exporting Freshness to the World
    Om Gayatri Farmers Producer Co. Ltd. (OGFPC) is a growers’ producer collective located in Niphad, Nashik, Maharashtra. We have been producers and exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables from India since 2016 with a strong alliance of Global G.A.P. certified growers.

    Our vision was to become a logical extension of our nursery business and take one more step to secure the fresh produce value chain.

    Our team of skilled and experienced professionals regularly remains in touch with all member growers and associates in the areas of crop management, certification, food safety and quality assurance. Our comprehensive practices help deliver the highest quality, residue-free fresh produce and excellent year-round service to all our domestic and international customers. We believe that our growth can only be achieved if our farmers prosper. To fortify our deep association with our farmers, we offer the following major services to them:

    • In-season and on-farm agronomy support

    • Transparent backward and forward market linkages

    • Regular participation in trade fairs and exhibitions

    • Technology transfer by way of partnerships with companies, research institutions and agri-universities

    • Seed production

  • Om Gayatri Agro Mall: A One-Stop Destination for all Agri-input Needs
    Established in the year 2019, Om Gayatri Agro Mall was established to cater to our farmers’ requirements for agro-inputs, soil water and petiole testing and imbibe in them agro-chemical literacy.

    • Fertilisers, Pesticides, farm equipment, seed, etc.

    • Guidance on agricultural operations

    • Soil & Water Testing Lab 

      • Collect samples from the farms

      • Analyse soil for its physical & chemical; parameters 

      • Provide test reports to the concerned farmers

      • Guide the farmers on nutrition management based on the reports

  • Om Gayatri Bench Tech: Towards Climate-smart Horticulture
    We are proud to introduce bench grafting, an innovative technology, to the Indian horticulture industry. Our scientifically callused and hardened bench-grafted plants are available for grapevines and are grown under controlled conditions. We also provide ready-grafted shoots cut from the field and developed in-house to prevent wastage. Additionally, we develop healthy root stock for grapevines known as ‘Bangalore Dodridge’ using scientific growing practices.

    At Om Gayatri Group, we believe in providing farmers with sustainable, innovative, and comprehensive agricultural solutions. With our expert guidance and top-of-the-line services, you can be assured of success in your agricultural endeavours. Get in touch with us today to know how we can partner together for productivity, sustainability and prosperity!